OEMs are relevant stakeholders in industry’s goal to achieve its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and, among several initiatives, Embraer aims to develop its Energia family, comprising of four concept aircraft of different sizes and incorporating different propulsion technologies – electric, hydrogen fuel cell, dual fuel gas turbine, and hybrid-electric. At the same time, the company is keeping all its portfolio of projects to foster the launching of new solutions, including its target of having all Embraer aircraft SAF-compatible by 2030.

Regarding the Energia family, the company is making use of more than 50 years in developing aircraft and introducing new technologies, and in an unique position to assess the feasibility of these type of solutions and how they can contribute to a more Sustainable aviation. The Energia family and its concept aircraft will then provide the ideal platform for such analysis on smaller aircraft, before the scale up to larger aircraft.

For such purpose, Embraer is partnering with international partners, including engineering universities, aeronautical research institutes, and small and medium-sized enterprises. From its long-term relation with the Dutch innovation ecosystem, Embraer is committed to study how its members can also provide value to R&D agenda that supports the Energia family concept.